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Oystercatcher OriginalGabe creates his images in cut-paper collage style, which borrows from his painting technique, each tiny piece of paper placed with a care that mimics the brush stroke.

Gabe begins each work by studying and sketching the animal, and then cuts a palette of colors from National Geographic magazines, whose archival quality photos lend themselves to this use. He then builds the birds sliver by sliver, until the feathers, feet, beaks, and eyes take on a three-dimensional, almost sculptural quality.

Gabe's commissioned works hang in many states, including Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and of course, Alaska.

Beginning a Conversation...

Most people approach Gabe with the idea for a specific bird that has meaning for them or for a loved one. The collages make wonderful gifts for momentous occasions, such as the birth of a child, a wedding, birthdays, or graduations. Gabe loves getting to closely study birds in order to depict them in unusual ways, and, most of all, making art that helps people celebrate their connection to the natural world.

Please contact the artist ( to further discuss a commission.

Other Commissions

He also created the cover art for musician Jonathan J Bower's first album, "But So Beautiful" (album info and images here):

Cover art for But So Beautiful


Gabe's collaborative work with writers has been featured by Broadsided Press. These are published as pdfs for anyone to print from a home computer. Click the links to get the pdf from Broadsided.

"Mixed Media," poem by Laura Lee Washburn. Collaboration published by Broadsided Press,
May 2013

"Wu Wei," poem by Dawn McGuire. Collaboration published by Broadsided Press,
April 2013

"Critique of Pure Reason," poem by Jane Hirshfield. Collaboration published by Broadsided Press,
March 2011

"Some Things I Know Without the Field Guide," poem by Suzanne Helfman. Collaboration published by Broadsided Press, October 2009.
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